FS Construction Services new seed treater

New Seed Treater – All In a Day’s Work

Built under a very tight deadline, our team headed to northern Arkansas to construct a brand-new USC LPV treater. Our team not only installed the treater, but also provided on-site training with the most recent 4.0 automation software.

Installation of New Seed Treater Under Strict Deadline

FS Construction Services new seed treater

A New Seed Treater for an Old Standard

We recently had the opportunity to work with a long-standing farmers co-op to provide them with a new LPV seed treatment system with two direct inject pump stands. Our team provided design, installation, and support, to ensure our client could go on helping their clients as soon as possible.


New Custom Built Seed Treater for Tennessee Co-op

Seed Systems Update FS Construction Services

A Complicated Seed System Update

In a race against time, our team took on the complex task of updating an existing box-to-box loss-in-weight seed system to a bulk system. After moving the original seed metering system to the bulk side, we also added a Tri-Flo Continuous Scale.

Tennessee Custom Designed and Built

We custom designed and built this LPV seed treating system, with two direct inject pump stands for the Union City, Tennessee Obion Farmers Co-Op.

Up to Date Automation in Arkansas

In the North East Arkansas delta region, we installed a USC LPV seed treater, with the most up to date automation, allowing our customer to effectively treat soybeans, rice and cotton.

Adding a Complete Bulk System

Using an existing box to box loss in weight seed metering system, we added a complete bulk seed system and moved it to the back of the system, in conjunction with a Tri Flo Scale.

Gateway FS Construction Services seed systems

Illinois to Louisiana

In record time earlier this year, we performed a total system overhaul at a seed company in Ferriday, Louisiana. We upgraded their old system to a USC Tri-Flo Continuous Scale hopper, incorporated a chemical delivery system, and installed advanced temperature and moisture monitoring to ensure a consistent, predictable product. To give our clients the best chance of success, we also provided comprehensive, on-site training.

Help farmers Gateway FS Construction Services seed treatment systems

Helping A Client Help Farmers

Over three days this past March, we got to help a local business whose specialization is helping farmers find the right planting patterns and seed to set them up for long-term success. We installed a brand-new LPV seed treater with dry additive feeder and performed extensive training and support to ensure our client was ready to help their clients.


seed treatment Gateway FS Construction Services

Seed Treatment Has Never Been Easier

Over the course of three days earlier this year, our team completely updated and overhauled an existing box-to-box system into a full-service binsite. This involved implementing some new technology, which our Seed Treatment Specialist worked with the client on understanding so they could get started right away without difficulties or hangups.