Project Profile: 42’ Sukup Bin Attached to Pre-existing Shivvers System

Choosing FS Construction Services to help you with a project not only provides you with access to our experts, resources, and years of experience, but also access to the many hand-picked partners we’ve selected over the years who are the absolute best at what they do. Because of the relationships we’ve established with industry leading manufacturers like Sukup, our product selection and working knowledge is not only broad, but adaptable.

Such was the case this past January when a customer decided to address the storage capacity of his operation. With one pre-existing Shivvers grain bin in place, he needed a solution that would expand his storage but continue to work with his old system. The solution came in the shape of a 42’ diameter, 6-ring Sukup grain bin featuring a 30,000 bushel capacity. Additionally, the system included an 8” unload with Power Sweep to make unloading easier.

Once the new Sukup bin was constructed, we tied it in to the existing Shivvers bin, effectively maximizing our client’s dry holding capability without compromising the preexisting equipment. To provide as much convenience as possible, FS Construction Services also built a set of stairs and an attached platform outside of the new structure that provides access to both bins.

Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with both Sukup and Shivvers, working with both manufacturers’ equipment was never a complication, and we were able to complete the project on time and on budget.

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