Project Profile: 48’ Sukup Grain System Solution

At FS Construction Services we believe that no two projects are exactly the same, and each individual customer deserves a targeted, specific solution to best meet their needs. Of course, sometimes the best solution is just to go big.

This was the case last summer when a long time FS Construction Services customer needed a new storage structure that could store over 55,000 bushels of grain. Working together with one of our Grain Systems experts, Nathan Koester, it was decided that the ideal solution would come in the shape of a high-strength, galvanized steel Sukup grain bin. This impressive grain bin featured a diameter of 48’ with an eave height of 33’ and a 48’ peak.

The 48’ Sukup structure also came fully loaded with an 8’ Sukup Power Sweep, a 10hp centrifugal fan, and the other additional features that are included when you purchase a grain bin package. Also, standard to Sukup grain bins are the 18” virtually indestructible poly vents that are designed to release unneeded moisture while preventing dirt and other debris from entering the bin.

All together, in less than a month’s time, our client had a brand new, totally equipped, storage solution that was ready to be placed into action at harvest. And thanks to Sukup’s sturdy, corrugated steel construction, it will be a solution that will last our client for many years to come.

At FS Construction Services, we know that what works for one person, may not work for the next. That’s why we’ve sought out the best partners in the business including Sukup, GSI and Brock. This ensures we can provide the right building and the right equipment for any job that customers bring to us. From smaller 18’ grain bins to commercial storage capacities of over 1.25 million bushels, FS Construction Services is there to find the best option for you.

If you’re on the lookout for the next essential piece of grain storage, drying, or handling and transfer equipment for your operation, call FS Construction Services.

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