Real Steel: Get the Right Building for the Right Price

We’ve written before about the benefits of steel buildings, but we often find that we can’t stress enough just how adaptable and durable steel buildings really are. Because steel is so strong, and element resistant, it has a nearly limitless number of options and structural possibilities. FS Construction Services has steel building options for agriculture, manufacturing, retail, medical, athletic, government, and more. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can count on our building and construction professionals to design an incredibly efficient solution to your needs.

Of course, we know that a few things have to happen to take you from imagining your building to walking inside of it, and that’s where we believe some of our best work is done. We know that our partners at Sukup and Butler Manufacturing engineer strong, customizable structures that have proven reliability and durability. What we’ve been striving towards over the years is how to make that space in between “what if” and end product as smooth as possible.

The team at FS Construction Services has been trained to listen to potential customers, not make up their minds for them. We believe that our customer’s job is to come up with their dream building, and our job is to make that building happen. Different buildings will have different functions and we don’t adhere to a one-building-fits-all approach. Steel is customizable and so are we.

Thanks to pre-punched purlins, girts, and eaves, our steel buildings are assured to fit properly and install quickly. Factory-welded clips make for fewer bolts and fewer construction materials, which means multiple options and controllable construction cost. And while steel buildings are able to provide clear spans up to 200’ for massive open areas, if money is a bigger issue than uninterrupted space, then we can build a multi-span structure to reduce cost. Our experts can design the building you want within a budget that works for you.

We could go on and on, really. And just so we’re clear, our love for steel doesn’t take away from our love of wood buildings. If you have a building in mind but aren’t sure whether you want wood or steel for the job then we’ll be happy to help. Have questions about your next building project? Let Gateway FS Construction Services answer your questions. Simply give us a call at 866-551-3454! We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.