Gateway FS Construction Services grain systems preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance #3: General Grain System Maintenance

Here we are, at the third and final installment of our FS Construction Service’s preventative maintenance articles. That also means that summer is long gone, and we are now all the way in on harvest season. While we have previously discussed grain drying, storage bin, and bucket elevator maintenance, we are going to finish by going over some general preventative maintenance points.

First off, at FS Construction Services our goal is always to help our customers. When it to comes grain systems, there are lots of things that can go wrong or prevent your system from working the way it should. We always suggest, in the event of improperly working or broken equipment, that you give us a call first. There are certain problems and instances where we are able to guide our customers over the phone to help them fix the issue themselves, which saves them both time and money. While we are happy to replace parts and/or equipment, we are happiest with satisfied customers.

We have professionals on staff who deal with both mechanical and electrical issues when it comes to grain systems maintenance and support. Regardless of your issue, our goal is to keep any down time to a minimum. For instance, here are a few scenarios we’ve recently encountered.

  1. We conduct maintenance on a number of stirring machines made as far back as the 1960s which are still in use, but, unsurprisingly, they’re a little different from the modern machines. However, we are able to both fix and/or retrofit these old machines to get them working like new.
  2. Another issue we deal with is covering or overfilling the stirrer with grain. It’s tempting, we know, to try and get as much done in one go as possible, but it can cause some major headaches down the road.

So whether you’ve run into one of the issues above, or have had an entirely different set of problems with your grain system, please feel free to reach out to Gateway FS Construction Services. You can give us a call at 866-551-3454, and let our specialists help you find exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to providing you the best customer service experience.