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Finding Courage in a Year Like No Other

There is no denying that this has been a year like no other. As the months have passed on, it has been hard for many not to feel worn down, tired, and even hopeless. And yet, no matter how bleak things may feel, or how dark the outlook may seem, we are not without hope. All around us are stories of men and women who refused to give up, who kept on fighting, and had courage even when no one else did.

Remember Those Who Served This Veteran’s Day

Some of these stories we may know and some of them we never will. This November 11, as we reflect on the sacrifice and bravery of the men and women who have served our country, we hope that you will also take courage in their courage. Even in the midst of uncertainty and doubt, time and time again, people have shown their ability to rise above and keep on going. Whether it was overseas or right here at home, our veterans have proven that it is possible to be resilient and to persevere, no matter the adversity. So if you are spending Veteran’s Day with family and friends, or if you are spending it alone, we hope that you can find some comfort and solace, even in a difficult time.

And to those of you who have served, we would like to say thank you, not just for your service, but for the example you have provided for the rest of us.

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