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Employee Profile: Brian “Boomer” Garleb – FS Construction Services Painting

Over the past two months, you have gotten to know the man behind FS Construction Services Painting Services, Brian “Boomer” Garleb. We have talked about his background and his approach to bidding and projects, so we thought it would be good to close out this employee profile with some discussion on the actual work itself.


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Over the last 30 years, Boomer has developed a number of techniques, skills, and an understanding of the right equipment for the job. Boomer’s highly detailed and thorough approach has been put to the test over and over with both interior and exterior projects. No matter the job, Boomer comes prepared with all the brushes, tarps, ladders, and other equipment to bring the job to completion. He also has developed his own method of rolling and cutting in as he goes, leaving behind a seamless, clean finish. One of his favorite products to use is Soy Zinc. This primer topcoat can even be applied directly to rust.

Whether he is working on the exterior of a house or building, a shed (his personal favorite), a roof, or all sizes or types of interior space, Boomer provides each project with the same level of attention and care. All around southern Illinois and even as far as Minnesota, Texas, and North Carolina, Boomer’s trained, thoughtful approach has made old buildings look new, dull rooms seem vibrant, and forgotten spaces feel memorable again.

In his own words, “It is all about treating the customer right. I have great business. I’m very fortunate that way.” Fortunate? Perhaps. Earned? Definitely. Boomer’s reputation speaks for itself, as do the projects that he works on. We are grateful to be able to work alongside Boomer and that so many of our clients have been able to benefit from his experience, his expertise, and his care.

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