FSCS Construction Services FSCS painting employee Brian Boomer Garleb

FSCS Painting Employee Profile: Brian “Boomer” Garleb

If you have ever needed any paint work done and reached out to us here at FS Construction Services, then you are familiar with Brian “Boomer” Garleb. As we continue our Employee Profile series, we figured we probably shouldn’t go too long without talking about Boomer and his role in FSCS painting services.

Brian Garleb: FSCS Painting Services Leader

Boomer has been a staple with us here since 1991 when he joined us as a truck driver. Towards the end of ’91 Boomer started up our paint division with a 100’ hose, a 54’ boom truck, a flatbed, a 500-gallon plastic water carrier, and one power sprayer. His first paint job was April 7, 1992, at St. John Lutheran School in Red Bud, IL.

Boomer worked hard over the next eight years to grow the services he offered, the capabilities he had, and the equipment he used. By 2001, Boomer had grown the paint division from a brand-new business of zero dollars to a Southern Illinois painting enterprise that works on interiors, exteriors, residential projects, commercial, metal roofs, metal buildings, and so on.

Today, Boomer has added some employees and seriously upgraded his equipment (more on that another month), but he still approaches each job with the same enthusiasm he brought with him over 30 years ago. Perhaps nothing says it better than Boomer’s own words, “I just wanna do a good job.”

In his spare time, Boomer likes to hunt, fish, and spend time with his son, AJ, and his wife, Susanne. Boomer and Susanne were married in 2000 because, as Boomer says, it makes doing the math of how long they’ve been married very easy. Boomer got his nickname at age four because of his boundless energy. We’re grateful that his boundless energy remains to this day. In fact, if you call our office asking for Brian, you may get a moment’s silence and then the question, “Do you mean Boomer?”

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