Happy Fourth of July FS Construction Services

Happy Fourth of July!

It must be said that of all the possible uses for a pole barn, one of the most obvious ones we never talk about is how pole barns really are the perfect Fourth of July celebration stations. As long as no one drops a lit Roman candle near the hot dog table, you really can’t go wrong. And while this isn’t an article specifically about pole barns, it seemed like an on-brand way to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July.


Happy Fourth of July from FS Construction Services


So without further ado, all of us here at FS Construction Services would like to say: Happy Fourth of July! We love all the specific ways this holiday is celebrated, from the food to the fun to the fireworks. But we also love what it means and what it means to us. There are a lot of freedoms we take for granted every day and we appreciate the reminder to stop for a moment and think about how fortunate we are to live where we do. We are grateful for the men and women who dreamed of a better country than the one they’d known, and we are grateful to those who have preserved that freedom over the years.

And of course, we are grateful to the many friends, family, and clients we have known over the years. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, whether or not you’re celebrating from a pole barn. Find some rest and fun before we get into the second half of the year and enjoy these warm months!

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