FS Construction Services Fourth of July

Finding the Celebration this Fourth of July

It’s no stretch to say that this year has been unlike any other that has come before. For many, it has been difficult, stressful, and if nothing else, strange. For many, it has been a time of waiting, and counting the days until it might all be past. But in the midst of all that waiting, life continues to move forward, including the Fourth of July, and we move with it.

Holidays are often times to slow down, take stock, and consider the previous year. It’s easy to imagine that many of us will be doing that this year, whether we are with family, friends, or by ourselves. There will be a lot to think about, perhaps most of all, how much everything has changed. And yet, despite the year’s struggles, despite the new rules and disruptions that have been added to our daily lives, despite the pain you or your loved ones may have gone through in the process, we hope that there will still be some cause for celebration. Even if it’s a different kind of celebration than we’re used to.

At FS Construction Services, we are grateful for the family, friends, and clients we get to live with, work with, and serve alongside every day. We celebrate the time that we have had and we celebrate the time that we will have. We know with some strength and some grit we will persevere and see better days. And we believe that too is a cause for celebration.

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