FS Construction Services metal roof

No Worries With a Metal Roof

We recently had the opportunity to replace a standard shingle roof that was causing the wood underneath to rot with a 1.5” SSR standing seam metal roof. This metal roof is designed to last for over 50 years and hold up to all kinds of weather and environments.

New Metal Roof Designed to Last


FS Construction Services metal roof

Functional and Elegant Metal Roof

Recently we had the opportunity to install a 6500 sq. ft. 1.5” SSR standing seam metal roof. After removing the old shingles, we installed felt-backed insulation, the new roof, gutters, downspouts, and leaf guards.

Easy to Maintain Fabral Metal Roof


Gateway FS Construction Services metal roofing

6,000 Sq. Ft. of Roofing Steel

Our team took on a 6,000 sq. ft. roofing project and installed a 24-gauge steel roofing system onto our client’s building. This system not only features unmatched strength, but was also outfitted with specially designed snow and ice guards to protect both the building and those entering or exiting it.


Discover the Durability and Stability of Metal Roofs

FS Construction services metal roof

Metal Roof Does What Traditional Roof Couldn’t

Earlier this year, FS Construction Services helped a client whose brand-new barn roof began leaking. Rather than stick with traditional shingles, our client sought us and the reliability of a metal roof to fix her problem. We installed a Fabral Horizon S Series roof onto her barn to create an attractive, weatherproof building.


Gateway FS Construction Services Fabral residental roof

4500 Sq. Ft. Metal Roof

Our team removed 4500sq. ft. of old shingles and replaced them with stainless-steel Fabral Stand N’ Seam panels. These new panels will provide decades of durable, protective cover.


FS Construction Services metal roof

New Roof in Time for Winter

Just in time for the winter to come, we installed a brand-new metal roof onto our client’s home, preparing him not just for the winter, but for decades to come. The Fabral Horizon S series roof is made of strong steel and features extreme weather, fire, and impact ratings.


Brand-New Roof Liner

During the course of 9 days last December, we installed a brand-new roof liner and batt insulation on a steel building used for a variety of agricultural applications. The Mighti-Rib fastener panels carry Class 4 impact, Class A fire, and wind-protected qualifications and also come in a variety of perforation and color options, so our client got to choose the exact look and function needed for the building.


Old Barn Made New with Metal Covering

This barn was starting to show its age until brand new Fabral Strongclad steel panels went up on its roof and sides.  This durable metal covering not only updates the look of the structure, but greatly improves its strength, adding fire and hail resistance, ensuring its owners will have many more years of use out of this barn.

26-Gauge High Strength Metal Roof

At FS Construction Services we are experts in a variety of construction fields, including the installation of attractive, maintenance free metal roofing. We know your roof is fundamental to your home, business or agricultural building and we also know that the thought of getting a roof replaced can bring on a lot of anxiety. Thanks to our partners at Fabral, we are able to alleviate that stress.  Recently, one of our clients was in need of a new roof before the full force of winter settled in.  The FS Construction Services team went to work to ensure that our client had his brand-new roof professionally installed while meeting their budget and timing needs. Now we’ve talked about the benefits of metal roofs before, but it bears repeating. Our team installed Fabral’s Horizon S Series roof onto our client’s house, which is made from 26-gauge high strength steel, has a UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating and UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact resistance.  Now that’s a strong roof, built to last over 70 years!

New Roof – Residential

Completely re-roofed by the metal roofing and siding specialists at FS Construction Services, this lovely home now features a functional and beautiful charcoal gray Fabral metal roof. After removing the shingles, the FS Construction Services team installed a 26 gauge, Horizon S, standing seam metal roof by Fabral. This new, impressive 5,000 square foot metal roof project also included the fitting of a Snow Break roof rail system and seamless gutters. Finishing off this job our craftsmen installed LP Smartside siding, soffit and fascia. The customers were thrilled with not only the new look of their new home but the durability of their new roof as well.

Thinking of a new metal roof or siding for your barn, business or home? Let our roofing and siding specialists show you the unlimited color options and benefits that will last for decades. At Gateway FS Construction Services, we are here to provide you with roofing and siding solutions you want – on time and on budget. For more information regarding metal roofing and/or siding, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866-551-3454. We look forward to providing you with the best customer service experience.